Introducing... Tofu!

Happy October! Hope it's been going well so far for everyone.

This month, we have some special surprises for you! We've unveiled the first a couple of days ago - Sofritas Tofu! We initially made with our Vegan and Vegetarian customers in mind, but after countless taste tests we're sure it'll win over our meat-lovers too ;-)

Sweet, spicy, chewy and tangy - what's not to love? And as an added bonus, did you know that tofu is one heck of a superfood?! Here are some of our favourite points about it:

  • It's an excellent source of protein, with 48g of protein for every 100g of tofu! 
  • High in unsaturated (good) fats which are great for your heart
  • Contains all 8 essential amino acids needed by the body!
  • Tofu protects against cancer and heart disease
  • Gluten free, low in calories AND cholesterol free!

Enjoy your Sofritas Tofu in a Brown Rice Burrito Bowl or a salad! Delicious and equally healthy. Take charge and boost your body today!