The Story of Guac & Go

Time flies! We are now inching closer to Guac & Go's 1st birthday. Thank you for the past 10 months of love and support, we couldn't have come this far without you!

A lot of my customers and friends like to ask me this question: How did Guac & Go come about? That's a very good question, and sometimes it's hard for me to put in words. Simply put, my partner and I saw the need for more healthy food places in Singapore. It's easy to find a salad bar these days, but we wanted to feed nutrition and good, honest meals to our customers. But at the same time, we as foodies wanted to make it a balance between clean meals and something yummy. 

Can healthy food be yummy? The general consensus is NO. How can healthy taste good! It's veggies and more veggies and it's going to be tasteless, that's why I can't keep to my diet!  But when we looked out of Singapore's healthy food places, we found so many more options. Australia's yummy fresh produce, New York's Cold Pressed juices, even healthy fast food options like Chipotle! So we zoomed in on those ideas and picked up what we liked. Kale salads! Deconstructed sandwiches! and we found the one thing that we fell in love with - Guacamole. 

With not much experience of eating guac in Singapore, we started making our own. Creamy avocados with onions, cilantro, lemon and salt. And we never looked back! We started putting it on everything and made batches and batches of it for our families and friends.  We added in new ingredients - honey, mango, chilli peppers and more. The bland tasting avocado now tasted AMAZING.

We knew guacamole tasted amazing in burritos, but how could we make this even healthier? Make it a salad! And basically, that's how it all started. We put together salad leaves, our favourite superfoods and topped it with guac. That was it!

Fast forward 10 months and we're still at it! We've now expanded our menu to have burrito bowls, homemade soups, more smoothies and we've stayed true to our guacamole. Made fresh everyday, tastes just as good as when I first made it by myself in my home kitchen.

Did you know that avocados are one of the world's healthiest foods? It's full of heart healthy oleic acid, which protects your heart from diseases. It's also said to prevent against cancer and is full of fibre! Betcha didn't think something this yummy could also be that good for you ;-)

So yep! That's how we got came up with Guac & Go. Great tasting salads made even better with guacamole.