We are two avocado lovers who wanted to share this superfood with others, and at the same time to solve the issue of the lack of healthy food joints around.

So why Guac?
As much as we love avocados, we realised that there are many people who have never tried this delicious fruit before and are missing out on its benefits. Full of healthy fats, vitamins B, C, E & K and an excellent source of Potassium and Fibre, there isn't much the might avocado can't do!

We realised the growing need for fast yet healthy meals, which are not only great tasting yet full of nutrition. At Guac & Go, we believe that eating healthy need not be a chore, but a choice. And with creamy avocados, zesty tomatoes and crisp cilantro in every bite, the choice is easy.

Love our food? You'll love it even more with our juices! Made using the best cold pressed machines with no heat at all in order to preserve all the vitamins and goodness nature intended. No added water, sugar or sweeteners because great juice doesn't need any. Drink up!


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